What is Inbound Sales? (Video)

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6 months before I graduated college I was applying for jobs. I would identify a company with a big name, like DeBeers, AMEX or RedBull, scour through their online job postings, put together a cover letter, attach my resume with average grades and hit submit. Zero interviews, no network and 3 months later, I was doing the same thing while embracing a 4 day a week celebratory marathon of debauchery. By Graduation, I was fried, losing confidence in the job market, about to go on a vacation that would bankrupt me and jobless. 3 months after graduation, I was waiting tables on an island off the coast of Massachusetts, a beautiful place, but not what I was planning on or shooting for 9 months before. (epic pic from senior year)


12 Skills You Need to Thrive In a Startup Sales Job


It is no secret that working at a startup requires a special skill set, but according to Mashable, a startup might be your best shot at a new job in 2013.  87% of tech startups plan to add seats during 2013, and most will surely looking to turn their developer man hours into revenue.

You would think with a still lagging overall economy and droves of college graduates entering the job market, startups would have an easy time finding suitors.  Interestingly, 9 out of 10 tech startups said it was challenging to find employees that “fit their needs”.

The list below details my personal startup sales experience, and what I believe to be the most important skills a salesperson can possess (or be working to improve) to get serious love from HR departments. (If startups had HR departments)