How Does Crushpath Work To Generate New Leads for Sales?


When I speak with sales teams across the country, there are 2 major areas they wish to improve upon.  New lead generation is generally the focus for startup companies and business that sell to a variety of potential buyers.  Established companies with well defined or niche markets are desperately looking for better control of their pipeline, and opportunity management.


Crushpath is a lightweight SaaS tool that aims to assist in both categories.  The overlying concept of the platform is to provide new lead generation for marketers and sales both by creating “pitch sites”.  Pitch sites are basically a user friendly landing page builder, where users can customize pitches to target specific prospects and garner interest for their product or services.

How to Stand Out and Earn a Response from an Inbound Lead that is Difficult to Get in Touch With

Robot. Automation. Boring. Normal.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a prospecting process? These are words you might use to describe it. Thus far, we have discussed how to introduce your message, your company, value proposition, and even given targeted tips and suggestions to your prospect.

But what do you do when your prospect is so inundated with these types of messages, that they are tuned out and need something to awaken them from a deep slumber? You need to stand out, and catch their attention. Do something bold, but not inappropriate. Sick out from the crowd, and still call people to take an action.

How Sales Reps Should Research Inbound Leads


You knew this was coming. With all the rave about inbound marketing and online lead generation, it was only a matter of time until you had your very own inbound lead staring you in the face.

Companies are getting good at leveraging content for contact information, and getting new clients is the top priority. When the leads are coming to you, it is easy to feel comfortable and react without doing proper research. Researching your inbound lead before calling or emailing, is critical to making an effective outreach.