What is Inbound Sales? (Video)

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How Does Crushpath Work To Generate New Leads for Sales?


When I speak with sales teams across the country, there are 2 major areas they wish to improve upon.  New lead generation is generally the focus for startup companies and business that sell to a variety of potential buyers.  Established companies with well defined or niche markets are desperately looking for better control of their pipeline, and opportunity management.


Crushpath is a lightweight SaaS tool that aims to assist in both categories.  The overlying concept of the platform is to provide new lead generation for marketers and sales both by creating “pitch sites”.  Pitch sites are basically a user friendly landing page builder, where users can customize pitches to target specific prospects and garner interest for their product or services.

Techniques for selling with email open and click signals


Email open and click tracking allows sales reps to get real time indications of buying signals, and react in real time to sell most effectively. This data has been utilized by marketing teams for years, but until recently was not thought of as a tool that could make sales reps more productive. Over the past 8 months, I have been personally experimenting with and discussing what I believe to be the most transformative sales technology since the emergence of CRM.

Even the best sales reps at top technology startups often struggle to effectively understand signals, and how to best interpret this data to know when to deliver information to prospects. Trying to understand buying signals is not a new concept by any means, but with exposure to endless data and dramatic changes in technology, it is hard to know what information is the most telling of a prospect’s intentions. Jeff Hoffman discusses this concept on the sales director and manager level as “exit criteria” which can also be used for improved sales management and forecasting.

The Inbound Sales Goal Setting Guide to The Connect Call

How to Determine the Value of an Inbound Sales Lead


After you have received a new lead that downloaded content from your site, executed proper research, and judged the lead for a “fit”, it is time to determine the value of the lead. Apologies, if it breaks your heart to hear that all inbound leads are not created equal.

Think of determining the value of a lead as making a plan on the number of times you are willing to call and email based on the person within the organization you are targeting. A typical scale to differentiate between lead values is high, medium and low. Here are generic examples of what each might entail:

How Sales Reps Should Research Inbound Leads


You knew this was coming. With all the rave about inbound marketing and online lead generation, it was only a matter of time until you had your very own inbound lead staring you in the face.

Companies are getting good at leveraging content for contact information, and getting new clients is the top priority. When the leads are coming to you, it is easy to feel comfortable and react without doing proper research. Researching your inbound lead before calling or emailing, is critical to making an effective outreach.