Mass Email Marketing Does Not Work Anymore: Strategies for Modern Email Prospecting


There was a time when thrice a week I would craft an email that I would send out to all of the leads in my CRM that I did not rate High.  I used a Low - Medium - High rating system to organize my inbound leads and generated enough appointments through this tactic to consistently fill the top of my pipeline.  My emails all offered 2 things, 1 – a piece of valuable content, 2 – a request for an appointment.  


I tested different titles and some emails worked better than others, but overall, if I sent out enough emails, I would generate enough appointments.  Seemingly overnigh this tactic stopped working.   You can view my lead grading system here.

Boiler Room Selling and Golden Pitch-books. We Aren't Buying it...


People use the web to get their questions answered.  If your website successfully answers the questions that your prospects are looking for answers to, you will drive qualified traffic to your site.  Once this happens, your sales process has begun.


Why have things shifted


Creative Ways to Avoid "Just Checking In", The Dreaded Follow Up Email


Recently, a colleague of mine was looking to engage a prospect with whom he did not have a follow-up call set.  He was preparing to reach out to the prospect, but was having difficulty phrasing an email that was not "cheesy".  We threw around a few ideas and quickly came to our first conclusion.  Whatever you do, do not send a "Just Checking In" email.  Then, we chose a better path.

If you are in sales, you have most likely sent the following email:

Talking vs. Listening: Should you Pitch or Qualify your Inbound Lead?



What is a Pitch?

A pitch is a pledge to provide value during the next stage of the sales process.

What is Qualifying?

Qualifying is gaining a better understanding of the likelihood of your prospect purchasing your product or services. It is generally accomplished by asking questions.

How to Build Rapport with Inbound Leads On the Phone



What is NOT Rapport Building?

Rapport building is not a cheesy pickup line. It is not something you do in an instant, or in the first five minutes of a call. Rapport building is not lying about a place you have visited, or discussing how the weather is. Rapport is not a box you check as complete.