3 Things That Scare Me Moving From Outside To Inside Sales

My name is Nick Zaleski and I recently began a new chapter of my life.  I accepted a Sales role at a tech company out of Cambridge, MA called HubSpot.   I'm a career salesman and I am making a BIG move.  I am moving from Outside to Inside Sales.  I'm assuming and have heard from some that the styles and interactions are different and I wanted to talk about a few things that scare me. 

Get a job interview at any company, Rise to the top of the pile...


6 months before I graduated college I was applying for jobs. I would identify a company with a big name, like DeBeers, AMEX or RedBull, scour through their online job postings, put together a cover letter, attach my resume with average grades and hit submit. Zero interviews, no network and 3 months later, I was doing the same thing while embracing a 4 day a week celebratory marathon of debauchery. By Graduation, I was fried, losing confidence in the job market, about to go on a vacation that would bankrupt me and jobless. 3 months after graduation, I was waiting tables on an island off the coast of Massachusetts, a beautiful place, but not what I was planning on or shooting for 9 months before. (epic pic from senior year)


Mass Email Marketing Does Not Work Anymore: Strategies for Modern Email Prospecting


There was a time when thrice a week I would craft an email that I would send out to all of the leads in my CRM that I did not rate High.  I used a Low - Medium - High rating system to organize my inbound leads and generated enough appointments through this tactic to consistently fill the top of my pipeline.  My emails all offered 2 things, 1 – a piece of valuable content, 2 – a request for an appointment.  


I tested different titles and some emails worked better than others, but overall, if I sent out enough emails, I would generate enough appointments.  Seemingly overnigh this tactic stopped working.   You can view my lead grading system here.

The Importance of Optimizing Your Sales Emails for Mobile Devices


Every day around 9a, I leave my desk and head down to the kitchen in my office.  I take a plastic cup, fill it with cereal (either Honey Bunches of Oats, or Frosted Mini-Wheat’s) add Silk soy milk, grab a spoon and walk back upstairs to my desk.  On the way up and down, I pull my phone out of my pocket and check my email, and maybe Instagram.


The Facts


People check their phones all day every day.  If business is on their mind, their email app is likely what they spend a good deal of time checking.

Boiler Room Selling and Golden Pitch-books. We Aren't Buying it...


People use the web to get their questions answered.  If your website successfully answers the questions that your prospects are looking for answers to, you will drive qualified traffic to your site.  Once this happens, your sales process has begun.


Why have things shifted


Creative Ways to Avoid "Just Checking In", The Dreaded Follow Up Email


Recently, a colleague of mine was looking to engage a prospect with whom he did not have a follow-up call set.  He was preparing to reach out to the prospect, but was having difficulty phrasing an email that was not "cheesy".  We threw around a few ideas and quickly came to our first conclusion.  Whatever you do, do not send a "Just Checking In" email.  Then, we chose a better path.

If you are in sales, you have most likely sent the following email:

HubSpot Sales and Marketing Success Story


This post contains excerpts from an interview conducted by Michael Pici, with Tristan Barnum, the Marketing Director at Voxox  who recently purchased HubSpot through myself, John Sherer a member of the HubSpot Sales Team. The following focuses on key decisions in the sales process, insights from the customer and the importance of Smarketing.

Tristan got in touch with HubSpot via classic inbound marketing. After selling the company she started and choosing a job as the marketing director at a newly funded company, she was doing research on how to most effectively design and build a new marketing strategy. HubSpot caught her attention while researching online marketing, "everywhere I turned, you guys had content for me" and having previously heard of HubSpot as a powerful marketing platform, she made the decision to engage HubSpot by filling out a demo request form.

'Always Be Closing' Goes Inbound: ADQ



How to Connect with Inbound Leads: Why you should Call and Email Every Time


When you leave a voicemail with a prospect you are yet to connect with, you should follow that voicemail up with a corresponding email. Every single time.

(These statistics are from an MIT Sloan School of Business Study.)

How to Start a Conversation with an Inbound Lead

Now that you have researched your inbound lead and determined that it is a good fit to sell to, it is time to pick up the phone.

Be sure to have the key information such as company profile, details on the individual you are calling and what they downloaded on hand. Draw from your research or new sources to identify a constructive tip to provide your lead in order to create value and position yourself as an expert.

Based on your typical sales process, remind yourself of the goal of this first outreach. Are you looking to book an appointment, make an introduction or win a deal? Understanding your goal of this call is essential to getting what you want out of it.


When your lead answers the phone, begin by introducing yourself and where you are calling from. At this point your lead is answering an unknown number and their primary concern is who is calling. Emphasize the name of your company and remind them of their content download. You can mention it specifically: