3 Things That Scare Me Moving From Outside To Inside Sales

Posted by John Sherer

My name is Nick Zaleski and I recently began a new chapter of my life.  I accepted a Sales role at a tech company out of Cambridge, MA called HubSpot.   I'm a career salesman and I am making a BIG move.  I am moving from Outside to Inside Sales.  I'm assuming and have heard from some that the styles and interactions are different and I wanted to talk about a few things that scare me. 

1)      It’s easy to ignore a phone call, it’s hard to turn away a human being.

I have been in an outside sales role for the past two years.  I loved the freedom of the job but the main thing I loved about it was how difficult it was for people to turn me away.  I would pop into about 40 places a week without an appointment.  I would also call about 240 places a week and I found that the biggest difference was people’s willingness to hang up or say no over the phone.  It's much easier to reject someone over the phone.

2)      Rapport Building is more difficult over the phone.

Rapport building over the phone is something I find unnatural.  A LinkedIn profile picture only shows and tells you so much about a person.  Asking someone about the weather will only work if something catastrophic is happening, you need something to talk about to build rapport and start gaining trust.  If I walked into a business and saw pictures of the receptionist’s dog on their desk I knew right then and there about something that person loved.  Over the phone you have to make some educated assumptions and be able to recover if you make the wrong assumption. 

3)      Not being able to read body language during the sales process.

Everyone in this world is different.  The main way to overcome that and know if someone is actually interested is what you have to share is by paying attention to their body language.  When you are speaking on the phone the ability to read body language is taken from you.  Developing the skill to read phone language and subtle changes in tone is a must. 

Overall I am not worried about overcoming these fears for one reason.  I believe in HubSpot’s Product.  I think that believing in your product trumps all.  If you believe in your product and grind, your prospects will sense that and it will build rapport and trust. 

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